box jellyfish
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A six-year-old Israeli girl was stung yesterday (Sunday) by a poisonous box jellyfish on the beach in Ko Phangan, Thailand. Her condition was listed as critical.

The child's heart stopped after she was stung. She was provided first aid on the beach which resuscitated her and was then taken to Surat Thani Hospital by helicopter.

At the hospital, the girl was placed on a ventilator, local media reported. Her condition has improved over the last day and doctors say her life is no longer in danger.

The box jellyfish is very common on the beaches in Thailand between July and October. Last year, a nine-year-old Israeli boy died from a venomous jellyfish sting on the same island in Thailand.

The arms of the venomous jellyfish can reach a length of two to five meters, and each arm contains up to half a million tiny needles that contain venom. Its venom reaches the heart immediately and can be fatal.