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Jack Engelhard Jack Engelhard

Biden’s real VP is his wife.

Have you seen them in the same room recently?

There is no such thing as divorce between a president and his vice president…the Constitution never figured on this…and yet it appears to be a rift between Joe and Kamala.

He snubs her, she ignores him, and they are seldom seen together nowadays…and people are wondering what went wrong. Or, what took so long.

Apparently, he found out too late what the American people knew all along, which is that she’s unfit for the job. Any job.

Besides the cackling, every word out of her mouth comes out wrong and fodder for ridicule, though not funny given her status as the most powerful woman in the world.

Most recently, her foot-in-mouth disease became apparent, once again, when she announced that Floridians, recovering from Hurricane Ian, would be helped through “equity.”

That’s a newly found word, or code, saying that help is on its way, depending on Race, the color of your skin…aka…white people last.

Even Joe’s own ministers bristled at this, declaring her mistaken. (Privately as nuts…or, here she goes again…or, can’t anybody shut her up.)

Days earlier, she cited North Korea as an ally of the United States. Can you hear the world laughing…at us?

As for her feelings about Joe, could be she sees him as a liability for her chance to become the next president of the world.

He’s got a head start, by some, or many, at being the worst American president in history…at least since Jimmy Carter.

The inflation crisis. The crime crisis. The debt and economy crisis. The gas and oil crisis. The migrant crisis. His Hunter crisis.

Today, the Saudis decreased their energy supply, after Joe went begging for more. That’s showing who’s boss. Not America, under Joe.

All that, plus his mishandling of Afghanistan through weakness, which empowers leaders in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, all that falls to Joe.

Would you want to be seen with him?

Indeed yes, if you are his wife, Jill…and credit where credit is due. She has been a loyal and devoted helpmeet of his since they married in 1977.

She has been, and remains, that stalwart woman who stands by her man whatever his failings, and that’s Jill beside him to bolster, comfort and support him.

Not Kamala.

Should we feel pity for Jill, concern, sympathy, empathy, understanding? I say yes, as a tribute to wives all over.

Wives who lift, when their men stumble, are a gift from heaven. Lucky is that man.

Lucky is Joe Biden.

See how she cringes when Joe says he was partly raised by Puerto Ricans…an outlandish claim to which we can imagine Jill pleading, please Joe, not again.

But over the years, the decades, it’s been that way with Joe again and again. He can’t help himself from being a Zelig.

He was there, he said, in Pittsburgh, as Jewish, to comfort the survivors from the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre in 2018. She knew it wasn’t true.

But she stood by him, swallowing the mendacity, and forgiving him from one deceit to another. The good wife. Too good? I won’t judge. Him, yes. Not Jill.

She saw him through his years in Congress where he functioned as a below average lawmaker, but kept succeeding through the Peter Principle…mediocrity rises.

He ran for president in 1988 and again in 2008, lost, but he had Jill.

He’d been caught cribbing many times, most infamously during his 1988 presidential campaign when he plagiarized from British politician Neil Kinnock, plus RFK and JFK.

She knows all that. She must know. She must know that America chose the wrong man to be president, and that he chose the wrong woman to be his vice president, Kamala.

But Jill won’t tell. She’s a wife.

He got lucky. We didn’t.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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