Holocaust. Auschwitz concentration camp
Holocaust. Auschwitz concentration camp iStock

A memorial to Holocaust victims in Dunkirk, France was defaced late last week, according to local media reports and Twitter posts.

The monument is a marble plaque in the Garden of Memories (“Jardin du Souvenir”) in the town center. It memorializes the deportation of Jewish residents of Dunkirk.

Vandals shattered the monument near the end of last week. Photos posted to Twitter showed it in several pieces and hanging from the stand it was on.

A case has been opened by the local government.

The plaque commemorates the town’s Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust with the inscription: "To those from Dunkirk and its surroundings who were arrested and deported as Jews” along with listing several names.

The president of the United Jewish Social Fund, Ariel Goldmann, denounced the vandalism on Twitter.

“It’s appalling, shameful and it happens every day! Enough is enough,” Goldmann said.