Dr. Shmuel Katz is one of the leading activists in the United States for Israel activism. One of the founders of the organization StandWithUs, Dr. Katz is robustly involved in Jewish and pro-Israel organizations all over the United States. His poignant political analyses are featured in various media, including Arutz Sheva.

In this video interview, Dr. Shmuel Katz explains that the most important issue facing the world today is the propaganda war against Israel, in which waves of attacks against Israel based on lies and deception are blindly accepted by people who do not know the facts. In Dr. Katz’s opinion, the goal of the upcoming elections should be to create a new government that will stand up for the rights of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, via a responsible leadership that can deliver the correct messages about Israel to the world.

In terms of voting strategy, Dr. Katz recommends voting for larger parties that are certain to gain enough votes to cross the threshold and enter the Knesset. Parties that create joint lists prior to the election to cross the threshold together lower the risk of “throwing away” one’s vote to a smaller party. However, Dr. Katz warns that it is important to vote for parties – and all parties on joint lists – that are trustworthy, so as to avoid the situation that occurred in the last election with Naftali Bennett, whereby after being elected he betrayed his voter base by completely changing his platform.

And lastly, in response to the phenomenon of voter burnout (citizens becoming jaded by the many elections, leading to a decrease in voter participation), Dr. Katz reminds Israelis that not showing up is a vote, and that the consequences of such actions are very serious. He urges all Israelis who have an opinion, in Israel and abroad, to vote, so that their opinions are heard and accounted for. Every vote makes a difference.