scene where child was left in a car
scene where child was left in a carMDA Spokesperson

Rambam Medical Center in Haifa provided an update Sunday morning on the improvement in the condition of the two-year-old toddler who was left in her father's car last Friday near his workplace in Kiryat Bialik.

Over the weekend, the toddler was treated in the pediatric intensive care unit, "she received a package of supportive treatments, her condition improved and she returned to smiling and communicating with her parents. Later in the day, she will be transferred to one of the children's hospitalization wards for further supervision after she was out of danger."

The toddler was taken to Rambam Medical Center in serious condition on Friday after being left in a car for about two hours.

MDA paramedic Michael Babionishev and emergency MDA medic MDA Peleg Shalu said: "When we arrived at the street in the industrial area, we saw the girl outside the car when she was very hot to the touch and unconscious. We were told that she had been in the locked car for a long time. We gave her life-saving medical treatment that included cooling, fluids and medication administration and we evacuated her in serious condition to the hospital while she was on assisted breathing."