The Ministry of Health of Uganda and the World Health Organization report an outbreak of the Sudanese strain of the Ebola virus in Uganda.

So far, 50 cases (suspected and confirmed) have been reported, as well as 24 deaths (6 confirmed and another 18 suspected).

The outbreak started in Mubende district, but cases have been detected in neighboring districts. As of today, no cases have been reported in the neighboring countries.

The incubation period of the Ebola disease is up to 21 days. In the event that a fever appears, which can also be accompanied by headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or unexplained bleeding, during the stay in Uganda or during a period of up to 21 days after the stay in Uganda, the following instructions must be followed:

• While staying abroad, one should immediately seek medical help only if necessary and report a stay in Uganda.
• In Israel one must immediately go into isolation while informing a doctor about a stay in Uganda.