In this week's Parsha Moshe commands Am Yisrael the Mitzvah of "Hakhel", the Mitzvah of gathering all of Am Yisrael - men, woman and even the infants - to Beit Hamikdash once every 7 years, during the Sukkot holiday after the Shmita year.

There's many questions to ask about this Mitzvah, but focusing on just a few, we first have to ask why is Moshe commanding this Mitzvah now - the one before last Mitzvah in the Torah? Why here, just as he's handing the leadership over to Yehoshua?

But on top of that we have to ask - if it's such an important event - then why only once in 7 years? And if already we're having it during Sukkot, why not have it in the Sukkot of the Shmita year - when everyone is more available? Why now, after Shmita, when all farmers are busy getting back to work?

And how is all this connected to Aseret Yemai Tshuva (10 days of repentance) we're in and to Yom Kippur next week?