Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia iStock

A billboard in front of a Melbourne, Australia synagogue was defaced with antisemitic graffiti on Wednesday morning.

The phrase “Stop the Jews” was spray painted on a sign displaying information about High Holy Day services in front of the Chabad on Carlisle synagogue in Melbourne’s Balaclava suburb, J-Wire reported.

A police investigation has been opened into the vandalism.

The incident was condemned by the Anti-Defamation Commission’s chair Dvir Abramovich, who described members of the Jewish community feeling “under siege.”

“The voices of evil are out in force, and we cannot allow such incidents to become the new normal. ‘Stop the Jews’ is a bone-chilling call for violence, and we know very well that such ugly, poisonous rhetoric can cross the line into violence and murder,” Abramovich told the news outlet.

He noted that antisemitic acts have been occurring in Melbourne with “alarming frequency,” including verbal and physical attacks against Jews.

“This vandalism is not just an attack on the Jewish community but a frontal assault on all people of faith, and when this type of cruel antisemitic vandalism comes into full view, it reminds us that there are hardcore bigots in our midst,” he said. “It seems that not a day goes by without obscene antisemitic vandalism disrupting members of the Jewish community’s lives, and this one, during our High Holi Days, is especially sickening.”