Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, on Friday blasted Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, after Abbas, in a speech before the UN General Assembly, accused Israel of “apartheid” and said it is no longer a partner for peace.

"In a delusional speech, riddled with lies and disconnected from reality, Abu Mazen proved once again that his time has passed. Time and again he uses the UN platform to incite against Israel and support the terrorists he finances," said Erdan in a video he posted to Twitter.

The Israeli Ambassador also vowed to block the PA’s move to become a full member of the UN in a bid to bypass peace talks with Israel.

"The Palestinian move to force full membership on the UN will fail. The US opposes it and so do the members of the Security Council, who know very well that [Abbas] has rejected any peace plan in the past and that terrorist organizations control PA territories.”

“We will act against this move and make sure it is stopped already in the Security Council," vowed Erdan.

The PA chairman claimed in his speech earlier on Friday that Israel is deliberately impeding progress toward a two-state solution and can no longer be considered a reliable partner in the peace process.

Abbas charged that the Jewish state has acted with "total impunity" against people in the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria and that Palestinians' trust in the prospects for peace is "regressing."

Israel "is, through its premeditated and deliberate policies, destroying the two-state solution," he claimed.

"This proves unequivocally that Israel does not believe in peace. Therefore, we no longer have an Israeli partner to whom we can talk," stated Abbas, who went on to accuse Israel of being “an apartheid regime.”

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