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The American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s call in his UN speech for a negotiated two-state solution, while slamming the Palestinian Authority’s response.

"AJC’s longstanding policy is that a durable two-state solution is the only realistic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and, if it is to be achieved, must be established through direct bilateral negotiations between the parties themselves,” AJC said. “The United States and the Arab countries at peace with Israel can all play a helpful role in the process, particularly in persuading Palestinian leaders to end their decades-long rejection of every deal put on the table and beginning to negotiate earnestly and realistically.”

The advocacy organization said that the goal of negotiations should be “two states living side by side in peace and security” as part of expanding regional cooperation ad coexistence.

AJC reacted with outrage to a response to Lapid’s UN speech given by PA President Mahmoud Abbas at United Nations General Assembly.

"Just a day after Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid told the United Nations he supports a two-state solution, it was regrettable that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reacted to this courageous overture with hostile rhetoric that prevents a meaningful dialogue,” the group said.

“President Abbas could have used his own address before the UN to express his willingness to end decades of conflict with a negotiated solution that involves give and take on both sides. He did not,” AJC added.

They called on PA leadership to accept Israel’s offer to engage in discussions.

“There is only one way to ensure two states for two people, and that is by coming to the table and negotiating an accord that guarantees the safety of the Israeli and Palestinian people and leads to a prosperous and peaceful future,” AJC said.

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