Shmulik Zur of Zur World of Wine speaks to Israel National News about the world of kosher wines and what makes a winery kosher.

“There’s two types of wineries. There’s a regular winery that wants to go to the kosher market so they are making a kosher line. Most of the time, we are going with a company also from the United States, also to the American market and to the Israeli market,” says Zur, who is involved in the import and export of wines.

He also encourages wineries to look into starting a kosher line.

He points to a bottle of Ramon Cardova kosher wine from Spain’s famous Rioja winery. Next to that is a bottle of kosher wine whose owner is the Cohen family from Barcelona.

“He used to make wine from the 15th century until now and all the wines over there are kosher. There's also in Italy Terra di Seta [kosher winery in Tuscany] as well making only kosher wine. Very very nice story over there. But also you have the Herzog family, like the Cohen family – they own their own winery in California making only kosher wines,” Zur says.

“[In America], you have the new world, the bombastic wines of California and also you have over there the sweet wine, this is light harvest. You are going to the grapes in the late harvest after Sukkot.”

How do you decide between wines for Rosh Hashanah? There are many meals in the festival. How do you decide which wines are suitable for which foods and meals?

“You can go to the white rosé and red wine. The white, you drink it when it’s cold. It’s more for noontime when you can drink cold and it’s much lighter. Also, the rosé, it’s much lighter. In the evening I prefer to drink the red wine, it’s heavier.”

“Also the European is lighter than the American but still the red wines are much heavier,” he adds.

One thing is certain today, if at one time a Jewish religious home would routinely buy the regular kiddish wine, now everyone is open to the whole wide world of wines, whether it’s religious or secular. Everyone understands the world of wine open to them.

“It’s become a whole world of wine. It’s amazing,” Zur says. “You have thousands upon thousands of types so that you only need to choose for every meal whatever you want. And I hope this year will be even better than last year.”