Saudi Arabia arrested a man this week for paying tribute to the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

The Yemeni citizen posted on social media about his pilgrimage to Mecca where he honored the late British monarch. The unidentified man appeared in a video showing him unfurling a banner in tribute to Queen Elizabeth in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The banner said in part, in English and Arabic, “May Allah grant her peace in heaven and accept her among the righteous.”

The post resulted in his arrest by Saudi police, the Associated Press reported.

The video were viral, creating an uproar among Muslims who viewed it as sacrilegious. In response, the man was arrested on Monday for “violating the regulations and instructions” of the Grand Mosque.

Security forces placed him in custody where he was charged by the public prosecutor.

Saudi Arabian law makes it illegal to display signs or political slogans in the mosque’s courtyard as it is considered inappropriate to Islamic tradition.

The incident also was said to have outraged Muslims due to Queen Elizabeth being the head of the Church of England.