Danny Danon in Hebron
Danny Danon in Hebron Courtesy

Chairman of World Likud and Israel's former Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, toured Hebron today where he met with residents of the Jewish community. He also participated in a selichot event at the historic site of the Cave of the Patriarchs.

On the tour of Hebron, Danon said: "Today we are in Hebron, the city of our ancestors.”

“The place where the first act of ownership and sovereignty was made by Abraham our forefather when he bought the Cave of the Patriarchs and turned it into a sacred burial ground, that belongs by right, and not by grace, to the Jewish people.”

“Thanks to the Jewish residents who live here and cling to the land. Despite the difficulties and the complex security situation, the Jewish community of Hebron is growing and developing.”

“As Israel's ambassador to the UN, I worked tirelessly to promote the idea of ​​applying sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. Thanks to many of these initiatives, the concept of ​​sovereignty has become relevant and practical.”

“Over the past year, the issue of sovereignty has fallen off the agenda. We were forced to combat the flawed actions of the current government that harmed Jewish communities on our own land and attempted to revive the twisted idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian terrorist state on Jewish land.”

“Now is the time to put sovereignty back on the agenda. In November we will return to govern. We will return to promote sovereignty in our land. There is nothing more just, moral and correct."