זירת השריפה
זירת השריפה צילום: Bentzion Weiss

It was a Thursday night, and Chaya Weiss woke to the smell of smoke. She ran into the kitchen of the family’s modest apartment and found that it had been engulfed in flames. As quickly as she could, the expectant mother grabbed her baby from his room and ran for her life. Just moments later, escape could have been impossible.

“It’s chilling to think what might have happened,” says father Bentzion Weiss in an emotional video. “We went back into the house after the fire and the crib was completely destroyed.”

Though they feel blessed to have escaped with their lives, the Weiss family are in a bad situation: They lost all of their belongings, including furniture, clothing, and appliances. They are now living in a tiny basement apartment with two children, and are being evicted as they cannot pay the rent. Despite their best efforts, they simply have not been able to recover financially from the disaster.

Donations are being collected via The Chesed Fund to help the Weiss family, so that they can provide their two tiny children with a safe and normal life. If they don’t get the help they need, they could end up on the streets - A second catastrophe in an already challenging year.