After a long time, we finally managed to meet and I was so inspired by the journey of this incredible woman.

Take a few minutes and watch this incredible interview. Arutz Sheva's review of Sheri's book can be found here.

Cheri Tennenbaum was born in Alberta Canada, and spent her teen years in the sixties as a fun-loving gregarious Flower child doing yoga. During a year spent at Stern College in New York immersing herself in Jewish learning, she began experiencing bizarre, debilitating symptoms which progressed until she found herself unable to speak or to walk normally.

The eventual devastating diagnosis was the movement disorder dystonia musculorum deformans.
Cheri went on with her life.

She fell in love, married, obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from UCLA and a master's degree in human development, from Pacific Oaks College, had three miracle children, pursued her eclectic artistic talents, learned to play the harp, became a grandmother and along the way learned how to live, love, cry, and overcome with a serious disability.

"Living with dystonia is not something I would have chosen for myself. To tell the truth, what I really long for is normalcy. Better yet, I would like to go away somewhere and not take myself with me! But then again I could have made a choice to just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and never get up, so I suppose the fact that I do get up every day could be seen as a source of inspiration, if others are inspired by me I considered it an honor. And if my struggles can help others, then my suffering has a purpose and ennobles me.

I fervently believe that with faith, courage, and fortitude, you can live a fulfilling life full of happiness, blessings, and contentment."

Thank you Cheri for this amazing book and interview.