Danny Danon
Danny Danon Ram Moshe

Danny Danon, World Likud chairman and a candidate on the Likud slate for the Knesset, participated on Wednesday in a toast ahead of the Jewish New Year 5783, attended by hundreds of activists, branch heads and members of the Likud Central Committee.

"The State of Israel is in a crisis. In the last year, Israel has been led by irresponsible amateurs who lack political experience and understanding. With political maneuvers and blatant lies, an illegitimate minority government was established in an unprecedented manner in the State of Israel that relied on supporters of terrorism and anti-Zionist Knesset members," said Danon.

He added that "this government has done great damage. It has harmed national honor, personal security, the ability to earn a living and has caused tremendous damage to the State of Israel vis-a-vis the international community and our ability to prevent a nuclear Iran."

"The good news is that this reality, in exactly two months, will be history. I see you here, my dear friends, with fire in your eyes and a desire to win and I understand that this time we are going to win big. The year 5783 will be a turning point."

"We will return the country to the Zionist Jewish majority after it was stolen from them in the biggest scam ever. With God’s help, on November 1 we will win big and establish a national government that will repair the great damage that was done here," Danon concluded.