The inmates during the activity
The inmates during the activityPR

85 religious inmates in Israel's "Dekel" prison took part in a unique activity centered around generations of Jewish strength.

The activity was initiated by the prison's rabbi Rabbi Roee Ansi and was directed by its Torah instuctor Rabbi Elad Ben-Porat.

During the activity, the inmates were offered the option to get a close look at the spiritual victory of the Jewish People during the Holocaust through a two-hour virtual tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

This activity was the pinnacle of the project entitled "The Victory of Spirit Over Strength" which was held in the prison over the past months.

The virtual reality goggles helped the participants feel as if they were actually in the camp, to look around, fly over using a drone, feel the dirt, see the ash, physically be there and hear their footsteps, follow a guide between crematoria, the showers, the barracks, the train tracks, and the parade grounds. To feel the bunks in the cells and to experience the shocking journey just like one who travels to Poland would.

"The tour was powerful, all of the inmates who participated were moved and impassioned, tears ran down the faces of even the toughest prisoners," says one of the activity's organizers.

"One of the prisoners who's been in jail for over a decade said that he feels that he was freed."

This is the first time such an activity has taken place for prisoners and is the work of unit commander Junior Commissioner Amal Tapash.