Dachau concentration camp sign
Dachau concentration camp sign iStock

A memorial to prisoners who were murdered at the Mühldorfer Hart concentration camp in Upper Bavaria, Germany was defaced with Nazi graffiti.

The “mass grave” memorial at the site of the death camp, which began in 1944 as a branch of the Dachau concentration camp, was discovered desecrated by a passerby who contacted the police.

The damage included Nazi symbols found on the memorial’s stones and plaques. These included swastikas and slogans, BR24 reported.

According to the Bavarian Criminal Police, there were at least two perpetrators behind the crime.

The memorial was built in 2018 and stands next to a mass grave where over 2,200 Jews and other inmates were murdered. The bodies were discovered after World War II ended.

A postwar US commission of inquiry found that about 4,000 people were murdered at Mühldorfer Hart. Most of the prisoners in the death camp were Hungarian Jews but there were also Jews from France, Italy and Greece along with political prisoners from Poland, Russia and Serbia.