Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared on the Joe Rogan show and told his host that the FBI was behind Facebook's decision to censor stories pertaining to the Hunter Biden laptop.

According to Fox News' Tucker Carlson, the FBI was in possession of Hunter's laptop since 2019 and was aware of the damaging information regarding President Biden's connections with his elder son's alleged business dealings with Chinese and Ukrainian companies but failed to disclose the story to the American people prior to the 2000 presidential race while simultaneously pressuring social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to censor the story.

Carlson accuses the FBI of essentially interfering in the presidential elections and points out that "the US government used disinformation to encourage censorship for partisan ends - something it's not allowed to do."

A prominent lawyer and guest of Tucker's on his show, urged a, "major disbanding or reorganization of the FBI," claiming she "doesn't believe anything they say."

Video: Fox News