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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has built his political brand on a caricature of “sensibility”. The Wall Street Journal called him the "Trump woke", the Economist crowned him a champion of freedom and the Guardian discusses whether Canada is not the "politically correct paradise".

"Maternal love will change the future of humanity," a woman told Trudeau at a rally. "We like to say 'peoplekind', not 'mankind', because it is more inclusive", Trudeau beat her, unable to give a definition of "woman”.

Trudeau is the most "sensitive" man in the world. He was photographed between "ahlan wa sahlan" (welcome in Arabic) and selfies for the first group of Syrian migrants at the Toronto airport.

Then in a wheelchair, as a sign of solidarity with the disabled.

Then with a native Indian tunic and while he dances a Punjabi song.

Then in a sort of gay nativity alongside a member of parliament from his party, his partner and two daughters manufactured with a rented womb.

The first Trudeau government itself is a postcard of the politically correct: half of the ministers women, two aborigines, three members of the Sikh minority, a disabled person and an Afghan refugee.

And he cries. Trudeau always cries. He cries in the mosque, cries for gays, cries for natives, always cries.

How is it possible then that the country that symbolizes "inclusion", where laws are passed banning the cutting of cat claws in the name of animal rights, is euthanizing physically and psychiatrically disabled people, as well as those who feel lonely and a little depressed?

A moralistic country is a country in moral amnesia.

"Will future Canadians have to apologize for euthanasia for the disabled?". The editorial has just been published by the Washington Post, a newspaper certainly not accustomed to culture wars. This week from the Canadian National Post: "Canada is getting comfortable killing the disabled." Similar stories come out every day. Like euthanasia offered to a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Between 2016 and 2021, Canadian medical staff administered lethal doses to more than 31,000 people who were usually, but not always, terminally ill.
Between 2016 and 2021, Canadian medical staff administered lethal doses to more than 31,000 people who were usually, but not always, terminally ill. Canada now authorizes euthanasia for psychiatric patients with disabilities, a practice that has led to controversy over abuse in Belgium and the Netherlands.

We are in the same country in which a family man was arrested for refusing to call his transgender daughter with the pronoun he/she requested. You can kill a sick or disabled child, but you can't get his "favorite pronoun" wrong.

Trudeau himself was the first in the world to introduce "neutral" identity cards with the third gender, "neither male nor female". Politically correct is schizophrenic. Trudeau had himself photographed with a pink shirt against bullying at school.

But again to seem even more "inclusive", Trudeau has abandoned the prohibition of the Islamic niqab at the swearing-in ceremonies for citizenship. This in the same country where there is no problem that euthanasia is celebrated even in church.

As the journalist Ezra Levant wrote about Trudeau, he "cannot distinguish Hummus from Hamas". And that country ends by ignoring why it exists.