Sam Nahmias, Rabbi Duvid Katz, Mike Huckabee,  Dr. Stephen Soloway & Jerry Wartski
Sam Nahmias, Rabbi Duvid Katz, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Stephen Soloway & Jerry Wartski Photo: Israel Heritage Foundation

Former Governor Mike Huckabee attended the special Israel Heritage Foundation (IHF) gathering organized by Dr. Joseph Frager and Rabbi Dovid Katz of IHF. The event took place in New York and was attended by Jewish leaders.

Huckabee spoke of the importance the State of Israel which has always played a role in his life and of how he raised his daughter, former White House spokesperson during the Trump administration and current candidate for the position of Governor from the State of Arkansas, to appreciate Israel and the Jewish people.

The former governor referred to the Jewish people's rights to the Land of Israel. "We have to continue fighting for the State of Israel because it really is God's gift to the world," he said. "God didn't give Israel to whoever wanted it. He specifically gave it to the heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sketched out exactly what the borders were going to be and said, 'This is going to be for my People'", he pointed out.

"I don't love the Land of Israel because I'm Jewish," he said, "I love it because I know that it was God's choice to select it for His People. Those boundaries are nearly 4,000 years old and none of us have the right to change them. We only have the right to expand them."

Huckabee invoked the Prophets in saying that whenever he visits Israel, he is reminded of how, "the dry bones have come to life and the dessert has bloomed." "God has blessed those who have come home to the Land that he gave them," he said, praising generations of immigrants who have worked to make the country the economic success it has become.

"If I were [to turn my back on Israel], I wouldn't be alienating myself from my Jewish friends, I'd be alienating myself from God eternal purpose," concluded Huckabee.

The gathering was attended by Jonathan Burkan - Congressional Finance Chair of Republicans, Board Member of the Holocaust Museum in DC and Chairman of the Israel Heritage Foundation events, Sam Nahmias - Philanthropist and Commissioner of Bridges/Nassau County, IHF co-president Dr. Stephen Soloway - Rheumatologist, Philanthropist and Author, Ken Abramowitz - Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist, President of American Friends of Likud, Bruce Blakeman - County Executive of Nassau-representing 300,000 Jews, Brian Robinson - one of 12 candidates vying for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in New York’s 12 thDistrict, Ari Brown - Republican Assemblyman from Nassau County, Joel Eisdorfer - Senior Advisor to Mayor of New York City Eric Adams, Simcha Eisenstein - Democratic Assemblyman, and Beth Sawyer - Republican Assemblywoman from New Jersey.