As I was researching the factors that have led to the failure of the American Jewish leadership in protecting their Jews from the rising antisemitism and active anti-Israel hatred in advance of an article and video, I read a shocking article. It seems that the chance to inflict defeat on Ilhan Omar, the foremost antisemitic Israel haters in Congress, was sadly missed partly, or in large part, because of the failure of Jewish organizations, who claim to represent the nest interests of Jews and Israel, to get behind her rival, Don Samuels, who defied the odds by losing to Omar by only 2%!

True, Mr. Samuels, despite his name, is not Jewish, but that does not deflect from the fact that had organizations who dislike (to put it mildly) Omar's verbal antisemitism and active anti-Israelism supported her rival we would be hearing today of her removal from Congress.

It is clear that today's American Jewish leaders are limply following the bad example of their younger generation and drifting into a dark and dangerous place.

The ropes that kept the twin anchors of both traditional Judaism and modern Zionism have been shredded and, without a true moral compass, the decline of American Jewry is accelerating.

The young generation is being called The Lost Tribe of Israel and the older generation has lost its calibration as it chases after them and into the arms of passionate and well-funded Israel haters.

There are a few who are trying to shine some light, but there is a dire need of a future leadership unafraid to expose the fraud of the anti-Israel venom, the threat of the Jew-haters, and boldly expose the identity of the perpetrators, particularly when they do not come from the far right.

In a video conversation with Caroline Glick, Charles Jacob of the newly formed Jewish Leadership Project criticised the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for its policy which he claims "is driven not by Jewish needs for self-defense, but by the organization’s left-wing policy agenda."

Both he and Glick bemoaned what has become of ADL since the retirement of the indefatigable Abe Foxman.

The ADL seems to have become more invested in joining the leftist intersectionality of critical race theory than standing boldly on its prime raison d'etre, namely spotlighting all forms of antisemitism whether they be snide or gross anti-Jewish attacks to employing the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, namely the singling out of Israel for defamation, usually founded on lies.

As the Legal Insurrection Foundation asked of ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt, "Stop your attempts to make anti-Semitism incidental to the ADL’s mission via things like changing the ADL’s definition of racism to a more woke version that condemns anti-black racism but doesn’t even mention most anti-Semitic racism. The fight against anti-Semitism is or should be the ADL’s raison d’être. That should be clear to all. If it isn’t, it has failed to carry out its mission."

There are many in America who are telling me that ADL is burying the statistics on the major source of anti-Israelism as linked to a deep antiSemitism.

They are hiding the truth to be politically correct. As such, they have become kapos for those who hate us, silenced by the societal pressure of the left.

But the problem goes beyond the ADL.

When lifelong Democrat, Alan Dershowitz, asks the question "Is the Jewish Democratic Council Really Jewish, or Just Democrats?", as he did in a recent article, you know that Democrat voting Jews are in trouble.

American Jews must unite behind our unique values and link up with non-Jews in an intersectionality of traditional family and national values.

The question is, who will lead them?

To cure the current malaise, men and women of courage and conviction must ascend to Jewish and Zionist leadership.

The current leadership has surrendered the battlefield to an alien agenda and can no longer be relied on to lead the community back to our roots and founding values.

A more innovative leadership would have unseated Ilhan Omar, the most prominent anti-Semite in Congress, not let her win with an almost-lose razor thin majority. Almost doesn't count..

Barry Shaw is International Public Diplomacy Director,at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.