MK Struk
MK Struk Flash 90

In an interview with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News, MK Orit Struk of the Religious Zionist party discussed recent shifts in Israel's political scene, but first referred to the shooting attack in Jerusalem.

After pointing out the need for prayers for the healing of the wounded and survival of the seriously injured, Struk says: "We have not had a shooting attack like this in the nation's capital for many years. This is clear evidenced of a serious drop in our deterrence capabilities. Everyone who lives in Jerusalem feels that the city is filled with illegal weapons. You can't walk around at night without hearing gunshots. There are stockpiles of illegal weapons in Arab neighborhoods with no one accounting for them."

In her estimation, illegal weapons are not being rounded up due to the government's fears of provoking riots in the city. Struk mentions the shooting and fireworks that filled the Jerusalem sky after the results of the matriculation exams in the eastern part of the city were announced. "It is impossible to leave such quantities of illegal weapons in the hands of people who cannot be trusted," she says. "A weapon shot [by accident at first] will end up targeting a bus full of Jews returning from the Western Wall. This must not be allowed to happen."

Struck points out that both the terrorists who surrender themselves to the security forces and those who are captured end up in prisons where they are the ones who run things. "[The rape of female prison guards by terrorist inmates] cannot continue, she insists. "All the shocking headlines about the female prison guards stem from the fact that our prisons are run like a type of summer camp for inmates. A [recent] committee issued a report that included some shocking discoveries. This report was eventually classified and hushed up," she says.

Struck also reveals that with the help of her parliamentary immunity, she revealed the report from the Knesset podium so that the citizens of Israel would know about the crimes being perpetrated behind prison walls - crimes that happen to be common knowledge on the Palestinian street. "They know very well which summer camp they wish to go to next.".