Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee on Friday during a live news conference.

As Ford spoke to the press, the bee flew into his mouth causing him to momentarily choke.

“I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said before reaching for a drink of water.

He was speaking from Dundalk, Ontario, a small rural area near Barrie, to announce a $500,000 investment in a sustainable products company, CP24 reported.

In a video of the incident, the bee flies around Ford's head and lands on his lip. After a few seconds, it flies into his mouth and down his throat.

“I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate,” Ford said as he took a drink of water.

He later told the media to replay "the blooper."

“That’s a good one. That’s the best I’ve ever seen,” he said before ending the press briefing.

The premier's spokesperson later confirmed that Ford is "doing well." However, there has been no information released on the current status of the bee.

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