Bubble Soccer
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Bubble soccer was first introduced as a joke on a comedy show, but has since grown in popularity worldwide. It is no wonder; only a unique human would look at a couple of kids bouncing around in a transparent bubble and not see the fun.

Planning parties for kids can get challenging, and kids are naturally restless and require more entertainment than adults. Bubble soccer can be a great way to add life and fun to the party. Here are some reasons why this is a good idea:

It Requires Little Skills

Many sports require a lot of skill and technical know-how. Baseball, football, and even soccer can need the child to master some hard skills and agility, but this is not true with bubble soccer. One reason is that the objective is different.

Two comedians invented bubble soccer, and the goal has always been to have fun. Even in competitive games, players seem more interested in bumping into each other and bouncing about the field than scoring.

Your kids can have so much fun in the bubble. Since they don't have to know how to play soccer to participate, no one is exempted. Everyone can spend an hour or so bumping and rolling about the field.

It Enforces Social Distancing

With COVID-19 persisting in various strains, bubble soccer is ideal. The players are all enclosed in a bubble from their faces to their waists. Some sports enthusiasts have even painted it as 'contact sport without contact.'

So even with constant contact and bouncing off each other, they remain safe from each other. Bubble soccer is a safe way to break isolation for kids and return them to normalcy.

Bubble Soccer As a Social Leveler

Athletic kids usually dominate most sporting events. Sometimes girls would find that they either don't want to participate or cannot compete with boys' agility. Bubble soccer takes care of all that.

With nearly every body part trapped in a bubble, natural athleticism is neutralized, and everyone is reduced to an awkward mess just trying to stay on their feet. Girls can participate too because it is not as physical and technical as other sports.

It Requires Little Planning

Other kids' activities might have you running about in a frenzy to get things right. Bubble soccer requires very little organization on your part, and the sport tends to take care of itself.

Your greatest responsibility is hiring a good bubble soccer company to rent the sports equipment. The company will take care of organizing and officiating the match while you attend to other matters.

Steps to Organizing a Fun Bubble Soccer Party

Even the best ideas can go south without proper planning. Holding a bubble soccer party is no different. Here are some steps you can take to make your party successful:

Choose An Open Space

You can play bubble soccer indoors and outdoors, but the bubble soccer agency insists that playing the sport outdoors is better. The space should be level with soft grass, and a large park is an ideal space to book beforehand.

Hire the Right Bubble Soccer Bubble Agency

A bubble soccer agency will provide the bubbles needed to make the day fun. They will also provide details on how the sport should run and ensure that the bubbles are safe to use.

Some agencies even offer services such as ball inflation, referee, and operator for an extra fee. Their presence will relieve stress, and you can handle other responsibilities.

Provide The Right Gear and Amenities

Bubble soccer requires a lot of running, so make sure the guests have adequate running shoes and comfortable, flexible pants. Also, provide water, energy drinks, and toilet facilities should the kids need them.

Safety Precautions to Reduce Injury During Bubble Soccer Parties

Like most physical activities between kids, it's easy for them to get carried away and cause injury to themselves or others. There are steps you can take to prevent this. Here are a few:

  • Hire a good game official. He will prevent kids from getting too rough with each other.
  • Remove metallic or sharp objects from kids' clothing to avoid accidental cuts.
  • Check the equipment and ensure it is in good working order. The bubble should be enough to cushion a child's fall.
  • As a final precaution, have a first aid kit nearby in case of slight bruises and cuts.


Bubble soccer is fun and can liven up your kid's birthday party. It requires little skills, can be played by both boys and girls, and is relatively safe. With proper planning, bubble soccer can be both joyful and memorable.