An SUV plowed through a parade in Gallup, New Mexico on Thursday, injuring multiple people.

Among the injured were pedestrians and several police officers, police said.

“[New Mexico State Police] is investigating an incident involving multiple pedestrians at the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration. Multiple people, including two Gallup PD officers, injured and are being treated on scene. The driver is in custody,” New Mexico State Police said on Twitter.

Videos posted to social media showed a brown SUV driving through the annual parade, part of the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial, a popular yearly event that lasts 10 days.

According to local media reports, the SUV’s driver drove through the parade in the wrong direction. KOAT7 reported that there were two passengers in the vehicle.

No one was directly hit by the SUV, the city of Callup said in a Facebook post.

Both the driver and the passengers were taken into custody by the police.

Outraged parade-goers confronted them as they were arrested, the New York Post reported.