Hossein Salami
Hossein SalamiReuters

Hossein Salami, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, claims that the Hezbollah terrorist organization has prepared between 10 and 20 thousand missiles intended to be launched at Israel.

Speaking in Tehran, Salami said that if Israel makes a mistake, a large-scale military operation will begin against it.

Earlier this week, Salami said that Hezbollah has more than 100,000 missiles that are ready for a military campaign.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Nabil Kawak, a member of Hezbollah's central council, said that "if the leaders of the Israeli enemy knew what the resistance (Hezbollah) had prepared for the Israeli strategic gas and military installations, they would not sleep at night."

The balance of power has changed in favor of Hezbollah, he claimed, and Israel is now afraid of Hezbollah's power and seeks the help of the United States, as reflected in Prime Minister Yair Lapid's appeal to the United States to reach a quick agreement with Lebanon regarding the determination of the maritime border.