Lapid at Yesh Atid conference
Lapid at Yesh Atid conference Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Medical interns tried to interfere with Prime Minister Yair Lapid's speech at a Yesh Atid conference at Expo Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening.

The interns shouted at Lapid during his speech, "You made promises, we can't go on like this, you lied to us." Lapid told them, "You are absolutely right and we will take care of it". Lapid asked the crowd and the ushers, "Don't interrupt them, don't throw them out".

Lapid later said in his speech, "We need to form the next government from a position of strength". The Prime Minister mocked the leader of the opposition and said, "Netanyahu learned how to fill up gas. He stands at a gas station and refuels just when we lowered gas prices."

"Everything has changed in the past year, but not our values," Lapid said. "Not the things we care about. The rule of law, strengthening the middle class, Israeli democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the pursuit of peace with the Palestinians and the countries of the region, Judaism that is for everyone, a free economy that creates opportunities for every child and takes care of the weak."

The Prime Minister stressed, "We have defeated the machine of incitement and poison four times, we will defeat it a fifth time as well. We will not let it destroy our house."

Lapid also said, "If we want to recruit thousands more police officers to restore order to the streets, approve unemployment benefits to the self-employed, strengthen the status of teachers and the autonomy of schools, approve civil marriages, we need to establish the next government from a position of strength."

"Today we are waging a fight against the cost of living. For 15 years no one did anything about it, they didn't touch it. Israel became more and more expensive, and the government told its citizens that they were boring. Now suddenly Netanyahu has learned how to fill up his gas tank. He stands at a gas station and refuels, and does it just when we lowered gas prices."

"In the face of these challenges we need to stand together," concluded Lapid. "Divisiveness weakens us, togetherness strengthens us. Different types of people need to gather in a place that will allow them to live together and have a common good. We are different people. Each and every one of us has different memories and different thoughts and his own private history, but we have a common goal: to make sure that Israel is democratic, Jewish, strong liberal, progressive and prosperous."