Shirly Pinto
Shirly Pinto Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Shirly Pinto on Wednesday informed the chairwoman of the Zionist Spirit party, Ayelet Shaked, that she will not run as part of the Zionist Spirit in the upcoming elections.

Shaked said, "MK Shirly Pinto is one of the best and most talented Knesset members, she represents the community of people with disabilities in a real and professional manner and is active in many other fields. I wish Shirly great success and am sure she will continue her extensive work for people with disabilities."

MK Pinto said, "After joint talks with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, the chairwoman of the Zionist Spirit, we agreed that I will not run on the Zionist Spirit slate for the Knesset. I wish Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked much success, I will continue to focus on promoting people with disabilities in Israeli society. Thank you to Minister Shaked for all we have gone through together."

Pinto made history last year when she became the first-ever deaf MK. She was sworn in as an MK using sign language.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Reshet Bet radio reported that while Minister Shaked has in recent days been talking about her intense discussions with Minister Matan Kahana regarding his joining the Zionist Spirit party, she is also opening other avenues.

The report said that Shaked is ready to offer the third spot on her slate to the person who has been placed at the top of the Jewish Home slate, Givat Shmuel Mayor Yossi Brodny.

Political sources said that the Jewish Home refuses to settle for just one spot on the slate and would like to place more of their candidates further down the slate, and this is the main bone of contention between the parties.

Minister Shaked's office refused to comment on the report. The Jewish Home party said that "this is a trial balloon. Yossi Brodny has proven that only the good of the public is what is important to him. He is not looking for a political arrangement, but to take care of the national religious community that needs a home for its values ​​and needs and calls on the national religious community to return to the Jewish Home."