French Jewish Member of Parliament Meyer Habib addressed a question in the plenary to the French Prime Minister regarding the prosecution of the terrorists responsible for the attack that occurred 39 years ago at the Jo Goldenberg restaurant in Paris, among them the head of the squad who lives in Ramallah.

"Terrorists who murdered French people should be arrested, tried or neutralized, just as the Americans did with the head of the Al-Qaeda organization," Habib argued and wondered, "Why didn't France demand the extradition of the terrorist who lives in Ramallah as a precondition for a meeting with [Palestinian Authority chairman] Mahmoud Abbas?"

Habib also noted that the chairman of the Palestinian Authority gives monthly salaries to the families of terrorists who murdered Jews, including Habib’s childhood friend, Esther Horgan. "Why did France once again vote last July in favor of a false resolution at the UN that accuses not Iran, not Afghanistan, not North Korea, but Israel of violating the rights of Palestinian women?" he wondered.

He attacked the left-wing parties and said, "In 2022, the new antisemitism still exists in France, among other things within the left-wing of this plenary. France and the government cannot vote for a new definition of antisemitism and at the same time continue to fund Palestinian organizations that are directly related to Hamas and terrorism and continue voting in the United Nations against Israel."

The French Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, responded to Habib and caused the members of parliament from the extreme right and left to leave the debate.

"I am proud to belong to a government headed by a Holocaust survivor. I am proud of the President's words in the fight against antisemitism. Mr. Member of Parliament, harming a Jew means harming the entire republic," he stressed.