"Torat HaMedina seeks to promote the values of the Torah, and bring them to the decision makers' table", as Rabbi Yaakov Yakir, head of the Torat HaMedina Beit Midrash says.

In a new video, produced by Torat HaMedina, some of the organization's methods of operation are revealed. Amongst its many activities, which we have also reported on this website in the past, are blocking of enactment of progressive and radical Laws, such as the 'Parents and Their Children' law & 'Legal Representation for Minors' law which aimed to radically change the relations within the family. Another focus was the case of the 'Unfaithful Wife' brought before the High Court of justice, the Jurisdiction Law of the Rabbinical Courts, and of course the Istanbul Convention.

The organization maintains a Beit Midrash and a research institute. In the Beit Midrash, students study the fundamental issues, and the research institute translates them to the public sphere.

According to Rabbi Yair Kartman, head of the 'Torat HaMadina' Institute: "'Torat HaMadina' is twofold, it has a Beit Midrash to learn, define and crystalize fundamental Jewish values, and a research institute to bring them to the public sector, to create awareness and influence policy."

Rabbi Rafi Weingarten explains, "With Hashem's help Torat HaMedina has developed a unique method for studying Torah and working to apply it to public policies. This method draws upon central Jewish values and principles in order to produce position papers, articles and bills on public issues.

What is so outstanding about this is that it's not only a good theory but something that already has a practical impact in reality on issues of public policy in the State of Israel"

The organization is now embarking on a mass recruitment campaign. Among the supporters of the campaign, are Rabbi Chaim Druckman, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Dani Isaac, Rabbi Elhanan Ben Nun, Emuna Alon, and Knesset members Bezalel Smotrich, Simcha Rothman, and Shlomo Karai.

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