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Binyamin and Sara Ganz could have never imagined what shocking twist of events they would have to face together after having their fifth child.

It began a few months back when Binyamin fell seriously ill. After a blur of doctors, exams, and data analysis, a heartbreaking diagnosis was given: Binyamin is suffering from a serious chronic illness.

Eventually, Binyamin lost his job. The family's finances crumbled. Sara works overtime but with Israeli minimum wage she barely manages to cover food, rent and Binyamin’s medical expenses. A couple of days ago, the landlord said that if the missed rent won’t be paid soon, he will have to evict them.

A family with five small children will be thrown into the street.

Rabbi Asher Anshil Schwartz, who knows the Ganz family personally, is begging anyone who has a heart beating in their chest to help this family. How can we pretend not to hear the frightened cry of five children, Shimon, Motty, Leah’le, Eliyahu, and Pessi? Please donate here to save the Ganz children, and G-d should fulfill Rabbi Schwartz’s blessing for you for “abundance, health and joy from your descendants, and all the blessings of the Torah”!