Yetty Dukan
Yetty Dukan צילום: Banner Media

Neighbors glance at each other in discomfort as screams come through the walls. A bang. A crash. They would call the police, but they know that nothing is usual - this has happened before.

The Dukan family has two sweet and extremely strong boys who are severely autistic.

“Sometimes they get violent,” admits mother Yetty, with tears in her eyes.

Usually, however, Yetty is extremely strong. This superhero of a mother raises 6 kids, including her special needs sons, mostly on her own. Her husband is sick and unable to help. She works at a special needs school, helping other children who suffer from similar challenges.

The Dukan family has now entered a state of emergency: Yetty is simply not able to earn enough at her minimum wage job to support her family. The kids need school supplies and clothes, and her husband needs treatments for his debilitating illness. She doesn’t know where to turn.

A Chesed Fund page has been opened to help the Dukans get by. Donations are desperately needed at this time.