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Tel Aviv - Towards the arrival of U.S. President Joe Biden in Israel, the Rabbinical Congress for Peace-Pikuach Nefesh (RCP) has launched a wide-ranged campaign with full-page ads in major English newspapers in Israel and worldwide web in which it sends a clear cut message to the President: territorial concessions will not lead to peace but G-d forbid to bloodshed and instability in the region.

The RCP in the name of its 400 members express their deep appreciation for the President’s efforts to reach a true and viable peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors and wish him success in this noble endeavor. At the same time they warn against any Israeli territorial concessions. “The last 30 years have proven that the “land for peace” formula is an exercise in futility,” a formula for increased terrorism and a means of pushing peace further away,” the rabbis warn.

Furthermore, “any negotiations based on Israeli territorial concessions, especially for the creation of a Palestinian state, will only embolden our enemies to strike at us with further determination through terror attacks, boycotts, and international anti-Israel campaigns,” the ad says.

The rabbis cite the Halachic ruling in the Jewish Code of Law (Orach Chaim, sec. 329) which is based on the principle of sanctity of life, namely: Whenever a Jewish city is threatened by foreigners its townsmen are not only permitted but are obligated to arm themselves, even on the Sabbath, and prevent them from entering their city.

The rabbis state that it is time for American foreign policy-makers to abandon the futile “land for peace” formula and consider a new foreign policy route. The only way the U.S. can serve as an effective mediator is by declaring outright that there will never be Israeli territorial concessions nor will a Palestinian state ever be established alongside Israel, the RCP said.

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