At some stage in a young Jewish boy's or girl's life, wherever they are in the world, they feel the need to come and visit their homeland, Israel.

Some kids are driven by curiosity, some come to find here inspiration or search for their roots, their ancestors, where they come from, and some come here wanting to feel the legacy, the history of our nation, they look for spirituality, they look for G-d.

When I met Elyahu Blanco I was very touched by his story and how he ended up coming here to Israel all the way from Cuba.

A young boy with a strong sense of wanting to belong, questioning his upbringing that led him to escape Cuba with his parents and later leave all of his family behind in Miami and move to Israel all alone to find a new path and start a new life.

Elyahu went to the famous Mayanot Yeshiva in Jerusalem for boys who have no religious background to start learning the basics of Judaism and slowly but surely became a Chassid Chabad totally devoted to a life of Mitzvot and Torah, still though keeping in touch with his family in Miami and even managing to open a small business online selling Judaica for the Latino crowd.

Elyahu is proud of his roots and has been back to Cuba to visit and hopes to be the first shaliach of Chabad to open a Chabad house in Havana!

Don't miss this inspiring conversation with this young man who is only nineteen years old and has already lived a few lives!