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When Shoshana* knocked on the ancient-looking wooden office door, she was a bit apprehensive.

Would he think she was crazy? Would he look at her with pity…The kind that she couldn’t stand?

Slowly, the door swung open, and before her stood a man with a warm smile framed with a regal, snow-white beard. She felt a calm presence take over her as Rabbi Reuven Elbaz sat her down, looked into her eyes, and asked what he could do for her. Something about him made her feel like he understood…

And Shoshana’s life story flooded out.

About being passed from family to family her entire life…About growing up as an orphan. Not knowing who her parents were…Not knowing if they ever loved her. If they had ever tried to find her. Ever wanted her. How she was now engaged to a kind-hearted, devoted boy, but that she was struggling to get married with no family or financial support to speak of.

By the time she finished, Rabbi Elbaz's eyes were wet with tears. He truly cared.

But not only that– He did something– Something unbelievable.

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*Several details have been changed to protect privacy