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The Education Ministry announced Tuesday evening the cancellation of the summer delegations to Poland due to disputes over the security of the Israeli groups.

Education Ministry Director General Dalit Stauber explained to Kan News that given the current situation it is better to make an early decision on cancellation.

"The State of Israel is in the process of negotiating and in a very difficult situation with Poland, which has been working for several years to rewrite the history of the Holocaust in a slightly different way. The law, both on issues concerning the contents of the delegations and on issues related to their security, currently does not allow delegations to leave," said Stauber.

"These things need to be resolved at the state level. At the moment, under the guidance of the state, we cannot, under the conditions created, take the delegations, to our great sorrow. Disputes are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant authorities," she said.

"There will be no harm to students and the principals know about it in advance," Stauber promised. "The children did not pay for it and there is insurance so that if it is canceled ahead of time the damage will be small."

The Foreign Ministry said that "professional negotiations are underway with the Polish side, which has announced that Poland is interested in the continued travel of students from Israel. On the Israeli side, we are working so that these important journeys can continue as usual."