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An Iranian missile engineer has been found dead, according to news reports Friday from Iran.

The scientist has been identified as Ayoob Entezari, an aerospace engineer linked to drone and missile development at a research center in the Iranian city of Yazd.

Initial reports claimed Enterzari died last Tuesday as a result of poisoning, though local authorities have denied poisoning was the cause of death.

Iran International reported that Enterzari died after attending a dinner party, adding that the host of the dinner later fled the country.

The reports of Enterzari's death came on the heels of reports that an officer from the Revolutionary Guards Corps' Quds Force was found dead at his home in Karaj.

The officer, identified as Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh died during an "incident" at his home, Iran's IRNA outlet said Friday.

Esmailzadeh is the second Quds Force officer to be found dead in the past month.

In May, Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei was found dead in his car in front of his Tehran home, after being shot five times by two motorcyclists.