Metropoline bus
Metropoline bus Meir Selah

A driver for transit company Metropoline was detained yesterday (Thursday) by the security guards of the central bus station in Be'er Sheva. The guards reportedly pinned the driver to the ground by kneeling on his neck.

According to the security guards, the driver tried to enter through a vehicle exit gate ain violation of security procedures, then attacked the security guards.

According to the driver, he went out to help someone injured in an accident, and the security guards prevented him from approaching the scene. The driver was detained for questioning and sent to a five-day house arrest.

Metropoline stated that "the matter is under police investigation and therefore naturally we will not be able to elaborate."

The national drivers' union said that "a bus driver went out to help the injured in an accident and the security guards at the station did not let him approach the incident. They then attacked him."

Security company G1 reported: "In an incident yesterday afternoon a man tried to enter through an exit gate in violation of security procedures. He was explained that it was forbidden to enter and he was directed to the entrance gate, according to instructions. He was detained for questioning by the Israel Police. "

The police responded: "Immediately upon receiving the report of an incident of violence, police officers arrived at the scene and began investigating the case and an investigation was opened in which the parties raised mutual allegations about the incident."