The Int’l court’s perfect timing — Hanukkah
The Int’l court’s perfect timing — Hanukkah

I’ve got family in Israel still, hopefully, recovering from being wounded at the hands of Palestinian Arab terrorists, and now this – 

The ICC has begun investigating, toward prosecution, alleged Israeli “war crimes,” which means, rather, as we know it, the crime of Israelis defending themselves. 

Yes, that is a crime, if you listen to Mahmoud Abbas and his flunky Fatou Bensouda.

Who are these people? Sorry you asked, but we need to know what kind of people run our world, or at least how they try.

About the International Criminal Court, ICC, situated in The Hague, it considers itself Master of the Universe, and is run by countries whose human rights record would make Idi Amin blush.

For that treason, the United States and Israel would rather they mind their own business. 

We read: “The ICC has jurisdiction to prosecute for international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression.”


Sounds like Hamas, doesn’t it...and Islamic Jihad, and the PLO, and the Palestinian Authority, and of course Iran, and naturally large parts of the United Nations.

What’s left to prosecute? Israel, the only country in the region with full rights for everyone…but still…guilty aforethought of being… Jewish. 
But at the ICC, they searched and found no blemish in those places, or anywhere else. The rest of the world is perfect. 

What’s left to prosecute? Israel, the only country in the region with full rights for everyone…but still…guilty aforethought of being… Jewish. 

Who is the prosecutor? Her name is Fatou Bensouda. She is from Gambia. About Gambia, we read, that according to the World Health Organization –

“An estimated 78.3 of Gambian girls and women have suffered female genital mutilation; LGBT activity is illegal and punishable with life imprisonment.”

That cruel practice of “cutting” goes on throughout much of Africa and you would think Grand Inquisitor Bensouda’s first order of business would be to clean up her own act and her own backyard. You would imagine those Masters of the Universe there at The Hague would be a bit more choosey at picking people to serve as prosecutors to the world.

People, for example, without pride or prejudice.

Not a chance and no such luck. 

There must be a shortage, even an outage of righteous people…and this Gambian lady, Bensouda, in particular has much to answer for. Human rights for thee, but not for me.

On top of that, she makes a deal with the devil, namely the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas, who is still being allowed to run loose, by the Israelis, despite “pay to slay” and all his other crimes. Which add up to the ICC’s full menu – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression.

But who’s keeping score? 

Note, by the way, that Grand Inquisitor Bensouda addresses the complaint as coming from “Palestine,” so right away you know where her heart belongs. There is no such country, and number two, only sovereign nations may file grievances. As we noted before, in one of our most popular columns ever, these “Palestinians” were never a “people” and were even preceded upon the world stage by the Beatles, 1964.

Perhaps for Ms. Bensouda, they too, the Beatles, are an ancient civilization.

Abbas knew just where to go running and come crying. The United States, through President Trump, has cut him out from any support, financial, diplomatic and otherwise.

Trump was on to him and his Fatah thugs from the start.

Without the United States as a dancing partner, Abbas still has the UN, even Canada, but their denunciations against Israel have become so routine as to be laughable.

So, Mister Lonely-Hearts had to settle for the ICC to get a hug.   

Yes, Abbas gained Trudeau, but lost Trump. We will take that trade any day.

Likewise, we appreciate the ICC’s timing against the Jews. It comes at this season of Hanukkah, when we celebrate an earlier triumph against our oppressors.

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