Is Benny Gantz a clueless Mr. Clean?
Is Benny Gantz a clueless Mr. Clean?

In August 2016 Benny Gantz, an owner and chairman of Fifth Dimension, participated in THE meeting with the Israel Police in which the decision was made to pay the company NIS 4 million for their system without a tender.

The justification for waiving the tender requirement was:

#1. That Fifth Dimension already had five customers. [They had NONE.]

#2. That Fifth Dimension already had a product. [They DIDN'T]

#3. That Fifth Dimension was already in existence for four years. [Only TWO.]

Now heading the Blue White Party, a key feature of his campaign is that he's the clean guy in sharp contrast to Netanyahu.

But is he?

There appears to be only one narrative that jibes with Mr. Gantz being a Mr. Clean, and that is that as an owner and chairman of Fifth Dimension, Benny Gantz was clueless as to what was going on in his company.

Gantz may have physically attended meetings at Fifth Dimension where it was decided to lie to the Israel Police but his mind was elsewhere.

DItto for the critical meeting with the Israel Police where Fifth Dimension convinced Israel Police to waive the tender requirement.

And after the deal was made, Benny Gantz continued in his possible blissful ignorance of what had transpired.

Which leads to a curious situation when one considers if Mr. Gantz has the right stuff to be prime minister of the State of Israel.

Which is worse?  A leader who conspired to defraud the Israel Police of NIS 4 million or if that aspiring leader was clueless about what was going on at critical meetings he participated in involving the company he owned and chaired?

In a way the former is preferable.  At least in that case one could argue that Mr. Gantz was so confident that his company would deliver to the Israel Police their money's worth that he considered the lying a harmless
inconsequential necessity.

Could the nation choose a leader who pretends to be Mr. Clean but is not?

On the other hand, could the nation afford a prime minister who is Mr. Clean because he is Mr. Clueless?