Madness USA — but “both sides” didn’t start this
Madness USA — but “both sides” didn’t start this

Please, both sides didn’t start this

Praise goes to Jonathan Turley for his shining performance at the Nadler hearings, and he was right to say that the nation is plunged in madness, but wrong to cite both sides as equality responsible. Outnumbered as he was, and being a lawyer, I guess he had to throw one out to appease the devil, or, as we say, a bribe for Satan.

But only one side has been foaming at the mouth, and Nancy Pelosi’s “Don’t mess with me” hysteria against reporter James Rosen typified three years of this. He was only asking if she hated President Trump. This was right after she gracelessly and hatefully lectured the nation about why Trump must be removed immediately to save civilization.  

Rosen caught her as she was about to leave for another beautiful day in her neighborhood, and popped the question.

She stepped back to the podium, and if looks could kill, we would all be dead.

Bristling, she invoked her Catholic upbringing to aver that she hates nobody, and to make the point, she raged at the reporter for his chutzpah to ask such a question. 

It was all there in that picture, that snapshot, that moment, how for three years she and her Party have been in a state of delirium against Trump, and the nation.

There has been nothing like that from Trump’s side; nothing even close to that three-year temper tantrum from the Democrats.

No, only one side is the guilty party for the madness that is ripping us apart, brother against brother, and for further lessons in the art of baseless hatred, we turn to the Palestinian Arabs, for whom hating the Israelis is a religion. They “pray” for the Jews exactly how Pelosi swears she prays for President Trump… the same Speaker of the House who has referred to President Trump as an “imposter.”

Yes, she prays for Trump, and you better believe her. If you don’t, she may have you turned over to Adam Schiff. 

Schiff has been collecting evidence against individuals deemed Soviet-style Enemies of the People, including journalists like John Solomon.

The sanctity of a free press? Nobody cares. The rest of the Chuck Todd media don’t give a damn so long as they’re safe.  

The Democrats make it their business to know who’s been naughty or nice; Santa and the First Amendment be damned.

As to the Palestinian Arabs, I bring that up because it’s the same traffic in moral equivalence that absolves them from the first suicide bombing to the latest car ramming.

“Both sides” are equally to blame for the conflict – so they say in this our world.

No, as we’ve been saying in books and columns, only one side turned down Partition, and only one side introduced hijackings on planes, ships and automobiles.  

(Nov. 29, 1947, UN General Assembly offered partition…rejected by the Arabs…vehemently enough for the Grand Mufti to shout, “Kill the Jews. Kill them all.”) 

Modern-day terrorism comes from them, and the nightmare of getting to a plane or anywhere else without being searched head to toe is also thanks to them.

“Both sides” did not toss Leon Klinghoffer off a ship, and both sides did not commit the Munich Olympics massacre, and both sides do not pay to slay.  

Back here, where the deer and the antelope play, and seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day (Bing Crosby, back when it was so) …so did I mention Hunter Biden’s father, Joe? Joe, the former vice president, is another grumpy Democrat. What did we do to him? Who knows.

But he’s angry, and like the rest of his kind, he’s got complaints against America, and one particular voter suffered the brunt of Joe’s bitterness as to the question of how Hunter got so rich while his dad was in office. Apparently, this citizen wasn’t screened properly, shades of reporter James Rosen v. Pelosi, and so Biden called him “fat” and a “damn liar.” 

Then, like the cowardly lion in “The Wizard of Oz,” Biden challenged him to dueling push-ups.

Then told people in Iowa that they were in Ohio.

Hello. Never mind forgetting one state from another, but it’s the country that worries us. Do these people know they’re in America? 

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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