Once the House impeaches, it cannot retract its decision
Once the House impeaches, it cannot retract its decision

The White House has a very simple Impeachment legal strategy: Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.  I would add, don’t fire until the House has irrevocably, and irreversibly voted for Impeachment.  For, once the House Democrats have voted for Impeachment, the White House will have coaxed the Democrats into a battle from which the House Democrats can not retreat; and in which the House Democrats will not only be legally annihilated, but some will be criminally arrested.

The reason?  For only one of many examples, the White House will be able to call defense witnesses in the names of Congressman Adam Schiff and the Whistleblower.  And, once Adam Schiff engineers the House’s Impeachment Yes vote, he has irrevocably put himself into the witness chair in the well of the Senate.  And, any perjury by Adam Schiff in an impeachment trial will not be protected by the U.S. Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause. 

Once the House Democrats have rung the Impeachment bell on their terms, they won’t be able to un-ring the bell until President Trump has imposed his terms. And, those Trump terms will be: TAKE NO PRISIONERS. Once the House impeaches, the House can’t un-impeach.

First, why can Chairman Schiff prevaricate openly into the record in a congressional hearing?  If a non-congressman read into the record that what Chairman Schiff stated was true, the “Godfather version” of the Trump-Zelensky call, that person would have committed criminal violations. Schiff, however, can’t be touched because the Speech and Debate Clause of the US Constitution protects all congressmen from any criminal or civil actions based on their actions as congressmen.  

But the Speech and Debate Clause does not protect a congressman from being called as a witness when he is not the target of the prosecution.  The President’s Impeachment attorneys will undoubtedly call Schiff and the whistleblower as their first  witnesses to prove the Impeachment proceedings are a political witch-hunt. This will expose the Democrats' fraud because the whistleblower filled out a form under penalty of perjury. which required the whistleblower to state that he had not previously contacted any congressional staffers.Except that  the whistle-blower had contacted Schiff, and the whistle-blower, therefore, lied on the form. That certainly makes it seem that Schiff and the whistleblower conspired to falsely answer that question in the whistleblower questionnaire. 

But then, there’s all the exculpatory documents that the House Democrats now hold that they are hiding. Once, the House impeaches, the President’s attorneys will seek court ordered Brady Rule exculpatory documents.  And, unlike the House, the White House will seek court-ordered Brady discovery. Violating that discovery could expose House Democrats to violations of their oath of office, which are not protected under the Speech and Debate Clause. The documents the White House will extract out of the House Democrats are going to embarrass the House Democrats beyond repair and will be used in the 2020 House race to show how corrupt and criminal the House Democrats really were - not only in the Ukraine Hoax, but in the Russia Hoax as well. 

And finally, any House impeachment leads to calling Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as witnesses who will show that President Trump was right to be concerned about clear evidence of massive corruption on the part of Vice-President Biden.  Watch Hunter Biden’s recent interview where the questions were friendly. In the well of the Senate, Hunter Biden will prove Joe Biden extorted the Ukrainian prosecutor to drop his investigation into the Ukrainian Burisma company's corruption, the company where Biden’s son was getting paid millions of dollars.  President Trump will gain access to the transcripts of Vice-President Biden’s calls to the Ukrainian President and all this will go on while the Democrats nominate Biden to be their Presidential candidate. 

In conclusion, if the House votes to impeach President Trump, since such impeachment is irreversible, they will have effectively voted him into office for a second term.  If President Trump has one skill from his business career, it’s how to litigate the other party into the ground.  President Trump’s relative passivity during the House Impeachment phase is lulling the House Democrats into a false state of security, but once the Impeachment vote is cast, the House Democrats will have committed themselves to a position from which there can be no retreat. Trump is giving Schiff the Impeachment rope with which Schiff and the Democrats will hang themselves.  Because once the House impeaches, the House can’t un-impeach.