Indictment fever, Trump to Netanyahu
Indictment fever, Trump to Netanyahu

Excuse us if we think we are seeing double. 

Underway in the United States is the impeachment process against President Trump, and something quite like that, at the same moment, is happening in Israel, against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There it is called something else. But same idea. That’s right. We say impeachment; you say indictment. 

Never mind the lawyerly talk…it is the same thing…with the same intention…to bring down a leader…and why?

Well, there is always something. Dig deep enough, and something is sure to come up…against anyone.

Dig deep enough, and something is sure to come up…against anyone. How much juicier if it is a leader you do not like.
How much juicier if it is a leader you do not like, either his tie, his cigars, or his politics. It does not matter that the leader is doing a terrific job for the country.

The heart wants what it wants, as people say, and so does the Left.

So it is official – right? Says here that this is so. Trump…I mean Netanyahu, is being impeached…excuse me…indicted, for bribery and other alleged misdeeds.

Forgive the confusion, but you do understand.

I ask, if only to be sure, because for years the Hebrew press…well, as our media have been dining for three years on “impeachment” whenever the word can be associated with Trump, the Hebrew media have for some 10 years been feasting on the word “indictment” if in any way it can be connected to Netanyahu. 

Only this, as we wrote last March in the column titled, “Fresh lipstick on old attempts at Indictment,” it was always murky, never a sure thing.

Now it is a done deal. Israel’s attorney general has spoken. He says it pains him to do this to Netanyahu. Adam Schiff, with a straight face, says it the same way about Trump.

He said it again, a moment ago at the Hearings, and as we were watching the Hearings, waiting for something delicious, the action shifted to Israel.

Back and forth, our two countries keep sharing internal crises, and the question remains, who is copying whom?

On this, your guys beat us to the punch. Your Leftists came up with “bribery” before ours did. Nancy Pelosi had to canvass the room to come up with that doozy.

Of course, Israel’s legal system will decide what gives, but the concern here is…the politics.

From America, we only know what’s in front of our eyes, and the falsehoods the media tell us, lies…lies…lies… and it ain’t pretty.

Because it is politics, and by hook or by crook, the Democrats are determined to bring our president down.

That is not to say it’s the same way in Israel. 

But, from what are learning from these cooked-up Schiff Hearings, we cannot be blamed if we assume the same business, a frame-up, is happening in Israel. The Left is the Left.

Which is a shame either way. 

If the world’s two great democracies are in such disarray, from within, what hope for the rest of the world, whose eyes are always upon us to lead the way? 

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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