Justice for Dvir
Justice for Dvir

Dvir Sorek. Nineteen year old yeshiva student/ army recruit was murdered by terrorists, his body left on the side of the road. Forty eight hours later, the Israeli army caught the murderers, two of them sleeping peacefully in their own beds. Kol hakavod  leTzahal - kudos to the IDF.

Primw Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin congratulated the soldiers for a job well done. The two politicians reminded one and all that the IDF always captures those who murder Israelis. The army's long arm reaches everywhere.  Eventually, they are all brought to justice....so they declared.

Justice? My dear Dvir. My heart bleeds for you. Young, bright and vibrant you were torn from us by evil incarnate. The hole left in your parents' hearts will never be healed.

And to add salt to the wounds, let me tell you what this Israeli "justice" entails when it comes to despicable vermin such as those who took your life. The killers will be treated royally. Represented by lawyers who will fight for their innocence, these blood suckers will sit during their trial and smile and smirk and be jolly. After all, another Jew was added to their long list of victims. That is a huge plus in the murderous ideology of Israel's neighbors.

In the famous words of Shimon Peres...." the murdered Israelis are sacrifices for peace, korbanot ha'shalom"...In his eyes, you, Dvir, would be another necessary sacrifice on Israel's march towards peace. 

After their conviction and sentencing the murderers will be interned in a facility with hotel-like atmosphere and surroundings. - a five-star hotel. Three healthy meals a day, snacks, canteen, library, gym, swimming and sports. All these in a first- class, up to date, modernized facility. You can easily name this place "Dan Hotel 2". Let's not forget cable TV on a wide screen television with more channels available to them then I knew existed. Did I forget medical care with regular doctor check up, dental and family visits?

I don't remember any incarcerated Jew allowed the same luxurious accommodation and priviliges. All this paid for by your parents tax money. But let's not get off the path of justice.

In their spare time  - after a healthy, nutritious meal, after gym, swimming, ping pong, get together in the yard with the other 'privileged guests' and other necessary entertainment for their mental and physical well being - the murderers have been able to study for their college degrees. Here they will graduate as lawyers, engineers, architects and any other profession of their choosing, again, with courteous benevolence of the Israeli taxpayers. Israeli politicians,

What hurts and disgusts most is that this is the methodology instituted by the government of Israel

Arab Knesset members and others will visit the killers regularly to encourage them not to lose faith and reinforce the notion that their bloody carnage was a deed well done, sanctioned and expected by Allah.

And perhaps, as has happened before, the Israeli government will trade them for a kidnapped Jew or a fallen soldier and place them back among the ranks of terrorists pining to kill more Jews. Never ending circle of absurdity. Protests by the parents of terrorist victims will be ignored.

And let's not forget the ' poor' family they left behind. The PA will send the family a regular stipend, fat enough to make it worthwhile for other terrorists to emulate those who murdered you. Abbas remains firm in continuing this despite the financial sanctions of Netanyahu and Trump.

So don't let Netanyahu's tears and Rivlin's sighs shake you up too much. It's designed to overshadow their inability - or unwillingness - to cut out the evil by the root. They are strong with words. Very strong. And very flowery with their teary eyed sentiments. I am unimpressed.