Ken's thought of the week: Brexit coming now
Ken's thought of the week: Brexit coming now

Britain’s population is obviously frustrated by the inability of its weak leaders to separate the country from the European Union (E.U.). With the replacement of the compromise-seeking former Prime Minister, Teresa May, with the Brexit-accepting new PM, Boris Johnson, the public finally got the leader that they were expecting.

The Brits expect Johnson to live up to his promises, as do we in the U.S. Finally, real negotiations with the E.U. may take place, particularly since Johnson has promised a hard Brexit by October 31, if he is unhappy with the pace or tone of negotiations.

Those outside often try to understand why Brexit is so important.  Here are eight key reasons:

(1) Free nations have the right to be run by their own elected government, not be ruled over by a global governance mechanism (such as the United Nations) or a regional version (the European Union), that are removed from, out of touch with, and reign superior to local voters.

(2) Sovereign nations have the right to control their own currencies, money supply and interest rates — not have these factors controlled by an unaccountable, unelected external entity.

(3) During economic downturns, free nations must make the unique trade-offs that are required to re-stimulate their own economies.

(4) The E.U. government is not competent to do the three things that every free nation must do for itself: grow its economy, protect its culture, and protect its people, physically.

(5) The E.U. has gravely mismanaged migration into its member nations from both Africa and the Middle East. All Western European nations are being destabilized, to one degree or another, by allowing in unlimited numbers of migrants from nations that neither understand nor believe in liberal Western democratic principles, or our respect, under law, for all individuals, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, and other factors. 

While some, perhaps many of these migrants are yearning to live in such freedom, vast research and law enforcement data shows many not only do not, they use bullying, violence and intimidation to establish their own, insular enclaves, and at its most extreme, perpetrate terrorist attacks against the very nations that gave them refuge.  Rather than requiring these migrants to assimilate to their European nations’ freedom-based principles, the E.U. has bullied these nations into enacting punishments for anyone who criticize those who refuse to assimilate to their cultures, or abide by their laws.

(6) While the so-called “leaders” in the E.U. live behind guarded walls, and travel with armed security, they don’t have to face the grim reality that they are imposing on the everyday citizens of member E.U. nations.

(7) The U.K. must use Brexit to re-affirm its own common sense in handling the different cultures of different immigrants. Only the U.K. can decide how to apply its 1,000 year tradition of common law to all of its population segments.

(8) Only the conservative Tory Party has the intellectual horsepower and the public respect to manage the challenges of a soft or hard Brexit. The competing Labour Party is systemically racist, anti-Semitic, and lacks the moral authority to make any decision about anything.

Let us hope that the Tories, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, rise to the occasion, and save the U.K., as they simultaneously help save Western Civilization.

The U.S. public cherishes our “special relationship” with our Mother country, and wish our cousins there all the best in enacting a smooth, final, necessary Brexit.