Hamas, PLO and the UN should get a clear message - from Trump
Hamas, PLO and the UN should get a clear message - from Trump

The barrage of more than 700 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza this past weekend and the “pay for slay” policy pursued by the PLO to reward those Palestinian Arabs who murder and maim Jews cannot continue to be met by only pious condemnations from the United Nations or even from President Trump himself.

The fact that such evil practices violate international law and constitute war crimes are of little consequence -

Hamas and the PLO continue merrily on their way to repeat their crimes with impunity over and over again.
as Hamas and the PLO continue merrily on their way to repeat these crimes with impunity over and over again.

The United Nations – ruled by a majority of 134 nations comprising the G77 – are impervious to ending the suffering being visited on Israeli civilians whilst condemning Israel’s responses to end these inhumane practices.

President Trump can do a lot to halt these "cycles of violence" by making it clear that there are political and financial consequences that America will unilaterally implement – including:

  • Denying recognition of  PLO and Hamas claims to represent the 'West Bank' and Gazan Arab populations
  • Ending all overt and covert contact with the PLO and Hamas
  • Withholding all financial and other aid still being made by America to the Palestinian Arabs
  • Demanding free and fair elections are held in both Gaza and the 'West Bank' under international supervision.
  • Supporting the right of Israel to close all entry and exit points to and from Gaza and Areas A and B in the 'West Bank'.
  • Recognising that Israel has valid territorial claims to sovereignty in Gaza and the 'West Bank'
  • Refusing to support the  creation of a second Arab State – in addition to Jordan - in the territory once comprised in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine
  • Backing Israel’s right to self-defence in taking whatever action it deems necessary to stop the flow of rockets and payment of blood money to the murderers or attempted murderers of  Israeli civilians
  • Withholding all American voluntary contributions presently being made to United Nations programs.

Gaza  and 'West Bank' Arabs have been denied the right to have any say in their own future since elections  held in 2006. They have been subjected to the will of Hamas and the PLO in their blind pursuit to eliminate the State of Israel.They have paid a high price for the intransigence of both Hamas and the PLO. They have been sandwiched between the bitter internecine struggle being waged between Hamas and the PLO to rule their lives.

The United Nations stands idly by and allows the Gazan and 'West Bank' Arabs to remain so shackled and without any any expectation of a brighter future for themselves.

President Trump has the political strength to forge a peaceful path forward for the 'West Bank' and Gazan Arabs that must see free elections held as soon as possible in Gaza and the 'West Bank.'

The current situation cannot be allowed to continue.
Let Hamas and the PLO stand their candidates in those elections along with any other groups. At the very least those elections will show the level of  support for the policies of Hamas or the PLO and the preparedness of those voting to continue to accept the consequences following from either’s agenda in relation to Israel.

The current situation cannot be allowed to continue.

The 700 rockets indiscriminately fired into Israeli population centres have presented Trump with an opportunity to at least end the suffering of both the Israeli and Palestinian Arab civilian populations and give the Palestinian Arabs a say in their own future.

Trump should be seriously contemplating  achieving these twin milestones before releasing his long-awaited deal of the century.

Dry Bones 8.5.19 Message from Trump
Dry Bones 8.5.19 Message from TrumpINN:HK

Author’s note: The cartoon—commissioned exclusively for this article—is by Yaakov Kirschen aka “Dry Bones”- one of Israel’s foremost political and social commentators—whose cartoons have graced the columns of Israeli  and international media publications for decades. His cartoons can be viewed at Drybonesblog