Israeli civilian resilience is truly enviable
Israeli civilian resilience is truly enviable

There is something that I miss.

Last week, within 24 hours, 460 missiles fell on Israel. The sky above Ashkelon never ceased to light up in the light of day, not of the night. 108 Israelis ended up in the hospital. Their houses have been destroyed. And without the most incredible antimissile battery, Iron Dome, today Israel would cry over tens of dead.

There are no “disputed territories”, it is Israel within its 70-year-old borders. Here there is the blatant Islamist-Jihadist aggression to a democratic country and its inhabitants. This is why this European silence surprised me about what happened there over 24 hours.

Then I understood everything.

What hell of a European country would absorb 460 missiles in 24 hours and experience a permanent siege, on several sides, by the jihadists armed to the teeth, added to the “tzeva adom” that calls out to its inhabitants to find a shelter?

So this is how I explain the reason for this hateful Western silence on Israel. Envy.

We Westerners envy the resistance of Israel. We have become so weak, so whimsical and so fearful, so inclined to cultural cowardice, so insecure of our own history and identity, so addicted to well-being and security, so unable to distinguish good from evil and reason from madness, that we can not tolerate anyone similar to us, someone of European culture, so enlightened, so democratic, so educated like Israel, which can resist, rather than succumb, as we would have once done, not yesterday but 70 years ago.

We can not believe that the schools in southern Israel are open again after 460 bombs, when we in Italy close the schools for a “water bomb”.

We can not believe that children get into the bunkers and hold hands with each other, with that calm.

We can not believe that a government can resist not only war but also to the voices of revenge, beyond what you think about the military strategy, with such coldness, when our governments do not know how to manage an extra deficit point.

We can not understand how, despite all the solitude of Israel, the Israelis smile happily and do not stop their lives. We hope they make the right decisions.