The great Hollywood con job - women's rights
The great Hollywood con job - women's rights

If you follow the small rules you can break the big ones. – George Orwell, 1984

Every time I read a Hollywood celebrity or a liberal feminist condemn us about our treatment of minorities, I want to laugh.

Who are they to lecture anyone on oppression when they are the world’s worst perpetrators?  

Hollywood’s cash cow is sex. They make their bread and butter on the backs of women. They insulate themselves from criticism by throwing a few dollars at the women’s liberation movement to claim they are progressive, but the truth is they pump much more money into devaluing the dignity of a woman to the point that she doesn’t even appear to be a living being.

This is the true crime against humanity. It constitutes one of the great evils of all time.

There are two messages broadcast out of Tinseltown. One is that women are oppressed and deserve to be treated with dignity. For that message, the liberal elite throw Rachel Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, and Linda Sarsour in front of the cameras.

The other message about a women’s worth comes every time they push a barely clothed woman onto a screen looking for a random guy who doesn’t have to offer her anything - from chivalry to compassion to just

For every one message these progressives communicate to us that women should be treated like people, they pelt us with thousands more saying that they shouldn’t.
charm - to take advantage of her.

For every one message these progressives communicate to us that women should be treated like people, they pelt us with thousands more saying that they shouldn’t.

Do these “forward thinkers” really have the gall to dictate morality and equality to anyone?

What They Want You to Believe

Let’s dig a little deeper and compare the spokespeople for each message. The first message, that women deserve respect, comes from the freaks, geeks, and sheikhs. Are any of the three ladies I just mentioned the type of people you would want sitting at your dinner table talking to your kids?

The ones promoting the other message are the pretty ones. The normal ones. They don’t turn you off with offensive politics, alternative lifestyles, or vile insults. They just want to have fun with you. Hollywood “progressively” positions these people as the ones you would prefer sitting at your dinner table, kitchen table, and just about anywhere else.

It’s almost as if they prop up the feminist movement just enough for you to not feel guilty about treating women like meat so they can make hundreds of billions of dollars on it.

Who would you rather listen to, Beyoncé or Rosie O’Donnell?

Thank God for Israel

In Israel, women are officers in the army, heads of companies, and leaders of social, political, and religious movements. They lead the charge in building up the Land of Israel. They lead the charge in the modesty movement. They rightfully demand that men act like men, and women are acknowledged as the real prize of this and every generation of Jews.

It is no surprise that we have had a female Prime Minister, and another candidate who in 2009, received more votes than anyone else. Among the leaders most likely to succeed the current Prime Minister, several women are on the short list.

Israel is a place where it is dignified to dress modest. Nobody gets branded too “religious” or too “out of touch” by dressing with dignity because 33% of the country dresses honorably. You are allowed to scream in a man's face if he acts like a Bill Cosby or a Harvey Weinstein. The entire concept of a submissive woman existing to serve a man is as foreign to us as The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

There is too much adversity everyone must face here to survive that we can allow men, women, and just about anyone to live a nanometer’s short of their true potential. In Israel, the message of universal empowerment is a standard, not a social movement. Everybody works. Everybody produces. Everybody moves forward. This national attitude is what powers the greatest technological, economic, and political miracle the world has ever seen.

This is why the comic section of the news starts where the liberal snowflakes accuse us of oppressing poor Palestinian terrorists, those who treat their women lower than dogs, or of racism against infiltrators who abandoned their wives and children, or against committing Human Rights violations against the weak – whom they prey on to rake in billions.

The accusations are as asinine as the accusers.

Let’s Do Something Really Radical

I don’t control the world nor do I control the powerful people in it. All we can do is pray to Hashem that good overcome evil and Israel fulfill its mission as a light unto the nations and unto His world.

Yitzchak Herzog is the grandson of a former Chief Rabbi who saved 13,000 Jews from the Holocaust and brought them home to Israel.

In the merit of his grandfather, and in the merit of our forefathers, let’s all say a prayer that Mr. Herzog does a great job as Head of the Jewish Agency, and performs this most sacred of national duties – bringing our brothers and sisters home – admirably well.

Living in Israel for over 15 years, I want to share with you the real story. The country I live in is happy, laid back, focused, and rich in so many areas of life. It is my greatest desire to share with you all the emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth the State of Israel offers, and to give you a taste of the sublime happiness we all feel here each and every day. My name is David Ben Horin and this is my treasure trove of the Land of Israel.