Amnesty International sees no reason for US to leave UNHRC
Amnesty International sees no reason for US to leave UNHRC

On June 19, 2018, the US officially left the UN Human Rights Council. US  Ambassador Nikki Haley explained the withdrawal from UNHRC  in no uncertain terms:  

“If the Human Rights Council is going to attack countries that uphold human rights and attack those that abuse human rights, then the U.S. should not provide it with credibility,” Haley declared.“We are withdrawing from the UNHRC, an organization that is not worthy of its name,”

After the US withdrawal, Amnesty International posted a sarcastic tweet on the issue. See it here:











Conclusion: Tthere are none.

End of tweet.

United Nations Watch was established in 1993 by legendary civil rights activist Morris B. Abram, the former U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva. The Geneva based NGO's mandate is to monitor the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter.

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, had no trouble filling in the blanks for Amnesty International in a series of tweets which we have consolidated with his permission and brought below:

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.@amnesty Thanks for asking. Though we believe in staying in the ring to fight the bigots, here you go:

1. Members of the UNHRC include China, Cuba, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Egypt, Iraq, UAE, DR Congo & other thieves, murderers & rapists.

2. @UNHumanRightsCouncil rep Alfred de Zayas, ex-Secretary of the UN Human Rights Committee, praised Venezuela & posted propaganda photos to deny mass hunger caused by the regime’s failed policies—even as hospitals there are filled with starving children.

3. The UNHRC appointed Idriss Jazairy—who as Algerian ambassador infamously drafted a Code of Conduct to muzzle UN human rights experts—as a UN human rights expert. His reports describe the regimes of Russia, Sudan & Syria as victims of Western sanctions.

4. Saudi Arabia was made chair of the UN Human Rights Council panel that selects top officials—including the UN expert on women's rights—who shape international human rights standards and report on violations worldwide.

5. Not only was the regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro elected to the UN Human Rights Council, but they then rolled out the red carpet for him to address a special assembly & deliver a 40-minute propaganda speech, met by a standing ovation.

6. The UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly reelected & honored its longest-serving official Jean Ziegler, co-founder and 2002 recipient of the "Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize." UN Watch was the only one to take the floor and call out the disgrace.

7. For six years the UNHRC had Richard Falk as their "Special Rapporteur on Palestine," even though he was condemned by the British government three times for #antisemitism, and by Ban Ki-moon for his "preposterous and insulting" 9/11 conspiracy theories.

8. The UN Human Rights Council gives impunity for most of the world's worst regimes, adopting #zero resolutions on gross human rights abuses perpetrated in Algeria, China, Cuba, Egypt, Gaza, Iraq, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Zimbabwe....

9. UNHRC's 2009 Goldstone Commission into Hamas-Israel war hired Dr. Grietje Baars to be their impartial author of key chapters of the report — knowing she was a radical supporter of Hamas & former European spox of the IHH terrorist-backed Gaza flotilla.

10. UNHRC repeatedly rewarded Qaddafi regime rep Najat Al-Hajjaji with key posts, including Chair of the prepcom for the Durban II conference on racism. When some tried to challenge her crimes, your @amnesty rep in Geneva flew into a rage and defended her.

Why stop at 10?

11. And, @amnesty, precisely because the UN Human Rights Council is so dangerous in corrupting human rights principles worldwide, we've always advocated bold U.S. voices—like Haley, Moynihan or Morris Abram—to call out their racism, bigotry & antisemitism:​​​​​​

12. Because the UN and world needs to hear from more of these heroic dissenting voices, not less.

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